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July 16th, 2004

And so are pencils.

I think I didn't mention it but I also told myself after AC to open my grubby sketchbook and try to practice drawing more. I say that after every AC though, so that (and lack of any of the drawing skills that run in the family) is why I am not good. I love to look at other people's pictures and then try to draw them, though I dunno if that really teaches anything. Screw it, paper is cheap.


Quiet on the Set


This is the single funniest commercial for any motor vehicle I have ever seen. Ever and forever. This guy should do every commercial.

Oh, fine. You people don't like Winnebago man? well.. here's Rock Paper Saddam:


I read this and in mind it was Horatio Sanz doing Saddam's voice. Made it twice as funny.