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June 27th, 2004


Thief is pretty good game, though the controls are a little hard to get used to. But I can't say bad things about a game that lets you walk up behind anyone I want and just knife them in the back, or shoot broadheads right into their faces as they are buying apples.

I went and bought a blazer and a couple pairs of slacks for the wedding I'll be attending (not standing in thank god.) And 2 70-dollar ties just for shits and giggles. Then I went to the Spanish Moon and saw the fucking worst stand-up comedians I've ever heard. I think I could've walked down to the stage and just slapped my ass and been funnier. Then we went and shot pool.

I can't find my digital camera and it's bugging me. I want to bring it to AC but that camera annoys me. It takes too long to turn on and the pictures seem to come out all blurry, and the battery doesn't last very long. But damnit I spent good money on it and it's got a zoom on it. I'll bring a disposable camera regardless of whether I bring the digital, and just decide which is the better choice when it comes down to it. I'm more concerned with my family staying in Galveston up till maybe wednesday of next week, and how I'm gonna shake 'em if they stay until thursday..

Jun. 27th, 2004

Skinny Puppy tonight at 9:00. I left my friggin ticket in Galveston, which means I have to drive all the way to my apartment, get the tickets, then drive up to Houston for 7:30.

Or I did, until I found that A)the concert starts at 9:00, B)there are 2 opening bands which I don't give a shit about seeing, and C)I can have my tickets placed at will call. So I've got some time on my hands. My mom already went to church so I reckon I'll just go to get some clean clothes from the store or mall or whatnot and mosey. I'll have time for dinner in H-town before the concert. Bueno.