June 2nd, 2004


He looks rather angry

Just testing new icons. I dunno how to do animation or lettering, so I just use screencapture, which is tedious and gives kind of lame icons. But the content is really what's important anyway, je pense.

Funny anecdote, I found this picture on the net in high school and printed it out and brought it to show my friends in ROTC, and the Master Chief found it and recounted some navy stories where people did this constantly after drinking on the ships.
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I bought Temple of Elemental Evil the other day and just recently installed it, reticent because I figured I would be cracked-out on it like I was for the Neverwinter Nights series and end up bleary-eyed and unfed for days until I beat it. But to my suprise, I installed it and played it for about 20 minutes, and stopped. It sucks. I hate it and won't touch it again. It has that kind of feel that the other D&D computer games give, which is to say it will make you want to break your mouse and kick your monitor in. Christ almighty why do I not learn.

So I guess I can't go to that Karate training camp this weekend like I'd hoped. The sign-in for it is Friday at 4:30 and I wouldn't be able to leave here before 1:25 at the earliest. I guess I'll go to Seaspace 2004 instead. It's probably too late to sign up for the defibrillator and 02 courses, though.

I'm going to make jambalaya tonight. I had to wait in line with every skull-dragger and retard on the east island for 20 minutes to ring up 50 cents of bell peppers so I could make it. I will cherish my retard-peppers and make a spicy bastard of a jambalaya out of it.

God what a day.
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