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June 1st, 2004

Cheeky tiki

I watched part of that movie 28 days later last night after all the good shows on adult swim went off. That movie is kind of good, actually. I thought it would've sucked completely, but it only partially sucked. The 'zombies' reminded me of those orcs and goblins from LoTR.

I'm in the process of converting my upstairs patio into some kind of lounge. Right now it's nothing except some junk I put up there when I moved in and I never go up there. Kind of a waste since it's more than half the size of my bedroom. I put up some tiki-torch hanging lights that they sell at Target. I'm 2 strings short still, but I dig the look. I'm gonna get a better grill than my current 'smoke bomb' and put it up there, and maybe a table and a coupla chairs. Top it off with one of those icechests on a stand and maybe some kind of lounge art and I'll have it. oh yea baby.

Un ptit peut FUCKED UP

So I get an email for approval for this person for this yahoo group I got moderation for. So I usually look to see if they have a yahoo profile first. So they do. So here it is.

And getting out of work at 9 o'clock sucks.