May 23rd, 2004


you got serrrved

As it turns out, I can still barbecue after all this time. I left my sister's friggin card here accidentally so I'll have to mail it to her. I'm suprised I could get my friends to show up at the party. Good thing, otherwise I would've been bored out of my skull. I bought 2 12packs of beer, including my new favorite, Hefeweisen. I love that stuff. It's almost on par with my love of Guinness. Last night I met up with my friend and we went bowling for a little while. It was 12 frigging bucks apiece. They had fog machines and laser stuff everywhere. A little dance floor next to the crappers, also. I could hardly see the pins. But these two kids started some sort of antagonistic dance-off competition thing, and then their crews got into the mix and started this whole 'you got served' spaz-fest. And later on half the kids went up there and did this sort of gangsta line-dancing thing. I was fucking speechless. It was like a car crash... just awesome.

The drive home took 6 and a half hours because of all the ferry traffic and because I took a break to drive around in Frog City and take pictures of the frog stuff and eat an alligator poboy. I will never take the ferry home during the summer again. It's agony. I'd rather keep driving the extra hour just to keep moving.
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