May 20th, 2004


a sigh and a grunt and a curse

I just handed in my comprehensive take-home part(s). That was a week I wish I'd never have to do again.

Any my bike is still broken and I think I'll have to take it allll the way back up to Mancuso so I can get my extended warranty honored. Otherwise I'm sure the repair will be ball-busting. But that means I'll have to bring it next weekend and pick it up 2 weeks later because I'll probably be out of town in 2 weeks, and I can't go up there during the week. I swore I'd never take my bike there again, but I think I'm snookered with that extended warranty. I am NOT riding this bike with the shifter all broken; I'll end up in a gutter somewhere with a subaru hood ornament embedded in my forehead.

I may be going to a karate training camp in a couple weeks in Hammond, but I'm undecided since I just found out that Seaspace 2004 is the same weekend. I wanted to go to seaspace and now I found out that they're teaching tank inspection certification classes.. The motels near the training camp may be booked up that weekend now anyway. I just thought it'd be a good excuse to get off of my ass and see if my arms and legs have become vestigial yet. I am a brown belt, I should be able to whoop up on some noobs even if I am out of practice. I dunno, but I need to figure out what the hell the agenda is quick-like.

And I need to pack to go home to BR tomorrow before I forget and end up stuck in traffic for 2 hours like last time.
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