May 11th, 2004


Round 1 is done.

Well I got my iPod back yesterday afternoon, replaced, re-custom-engraved, and re-asonably quickly, too. I haven't loaded it with songs again yet, since I've been STUDYING AS IF PHARMACOLOGY WERE BREASTASES for days now. I just got out of my first pharm comprehensive which runs from 10-4:30. I finished at 1:45, so I am reasonably confident (much moreso than I thought I would have been). It was all done on WinWord so nobody would know anyone's handwriting. We all had to choose a word to link us to the test without using our names. Mine was, of course, triangle. (well, you try to be fancy after exuding pharmacokinetics all night)

So I've got a shoutcast streamripper running 24/7 now (holy hell I wish I'd found that sooner) and with any luck I'll have that 30 Gig iPod filled up with music very quickly. I was actually kind of hoping that they would notice the pry marks on the cover and not honor my warranty, so I could have an excuse to buy one of those shmancy iRivers I've been drooling over. But, oh well. Unless someone (who's a "toxicologist, biker, skunk") wants to buy an iPod?

And I've got a welding class coming up this weekend in Houston. I'm going to have to get up early to go to that one.
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