April 22nd, 2004


Bleach and acid

Ever since I moved into this apartment (or at least that's when I've been noticing it), my shirts have been showing up bleached out of the laundry. It has ruined something like a dozen shirts and maybe 10 more are juust bleached enough to keep wearing for the time. I thought something was wrong with the washing machine, since It's always messed up (it takes hours to refill the tank on rinse, and it drips several gallons per day when not in use). It was bleaching shirts before I had even bought bleach for the apartment, so I knew it wasn't because of me adding it. It happened rarely in small blotches, but almost completely in the collar area. I can't figure out why it would be in the area around my neck; I shower before I put on shirts in the morning, and don't have anything besides cologne there during the day. It could be the cologne, but I've switched colognes a few times since I moved here and it's been occurring regularly regardless of the cologne I use. I also put it on my wrists and my sleeves haven't been fading. My other theory is that my necklace is somehow bleaching the fabric. I've got a silver chain and pendant that I wear round the clock; but, there is no fading in the area where the pendant rests on the cloth.

I've been wondering if maybe my sweat is bleaching the shirts. Some people are freaks like that and it wouldn't suprise me much to learn I was among them. When I was fitted for contacts the doctor put some luminescent liquid in my eye and my tears were outside the pH range for the luminescence. So if I have strongly acidic tears, I suppose I could have a low sweat pH also. But around my neck only? that's very strange. I could take a ruined shirt and spray it in one area with cologne and wash it; maybe it would bleach there. It would be interesting to figure out what the cause is, because all my favorite tee-shirts are getting trashified and unwearable.
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