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March 31st, 2004


Fantomas was pretty good. It seems like almost all the shows I want to see play at Numbers. The set was only an hour, though. But my dogs were barking and I didn't mind so much. I got there half an hour late and only caught the ass end of (one of) the opening bands. It was some group of asian kids screaming at high pitch, some of whom wore surgical masks. So I'll call them the SARS kids.

At least I got back before 3 AM..

But he's a jackass with a 107, punk.

Our physiology professor let us go pick up our exams last week and most of the students got them, and promptly began bitching about how harshly the test was graded, and all that student crap. I'm lazy so I didn't pick mine up. The prof defended the grading by telling everyone that someone got a 107 on the exam, so he must not've graded THAT harshly. Everyone (including me) was kind of muttering 'what jackass ruined the curve for us?'; well, I learned which jackass it was when I finally picked up my exam today.

And at the same time picked up my exam from last year (I told you I was lazy).
And just to add to the earlier post and provide proof to myself later on that it is actually possible to have a good day now and again, I just gave the most rocking presentation on a Doxorubicin paper for journal club. Nobody had any questions (except the ones who would ask questions if you were to say 'hi'). I deconstructed that thing until I was literally red in the face, and finished in half the normal time, and got the organizing professor (who usually does impressions of either a deaf/mute orCrow from MST3K during presentations) to come and tell me I did excellent.

So tomorrow I am therefore expecting to lose a limb or get hit by a car or somesuch.

Ooh and au fait, apparently the refinery not too far from me went supernova last night while I was eating some au jus and 5-minute rice, and made a snazzy fireball. I didn't hear a thing while watching whatever I was watching, and sucked whatever mesquite skin-dissolving teratogens right through my A/C and into my lungs. Maybe that's why the au jus tasted a little funny.