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January 26th, 2004

chew and swallow

It's probably been done before, but I got that damned outkast song stuck in my head for weeks, and then finally got rid of it. And then I saw this, and it's back again like a burr in my boot, with the boot being my goddamned brain. Anyway, here it is for you people, because when you're laughing, the whole world laughs with you -- but when you're not laughing, the whole world needs to PAY.

I was just riding home from work today and decided to go fart around downtown and look at stuff. I was doing that for awhile, and then my bike started to go gimp on me and sputter/whatnot, so I decided to just go on home. I pulled up at a 4-way stopsign where another dude on a nice looking springer was coming on the other road through the intersection (without stopping at the sign). He looked at me and kept looking and kept looking and WHAM!! t-boned a Camry full of Chinese ESL's coming across his bow. His bike threw plastic and glass and him across the lane, about 10 feet out from my 9 o'clock!!. Put a few nice dents in the Camry, too. I put on my hazards and got off my bike right there and came over to him to ask if he was okay. He just looked up and said, "Can we pick up my bike?" a few times. Maybe he should've worn a helmet.. Anyway I stuck around until the bike cop came and told him what I saw (and mentioned that the biker smelled like liquor). Then I went home.

Morals of the story: 1) Loud pipes don't save a GODDAMN thing. Pay attention to _every_ car because you can be sure they aren't paying attention to you (no matter how much you payed for your paint job). 2) Stop at stopsigns. Really. Shouldn't even have to be said, but obviously it does. 3) Wear a helmet.. even though I wasn't today..