January 16th, 2004


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I got chewed out by my PI at work today. But it was a long time coming, if you ask me. Stayed until 8 just to do more work and therefore feel less guilty about it.

I turned by bed around sideways last night to change things up. It feels very peculiar, but It's more efficient and therefore must be a good thing.

I'm getting my truck tuned up on monday and it's going to cost 3 or 4 hundred bucks. I was not aware it would be costing me a kidney to do a little monkeying around under the hood.

I found a CA online store that ships sushi-grade seafood and supplies. I hope they ship all the way over here, because I've been looking for someone who will for a long time now.
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My fucked-up lab tool drawer

I found a glass syringe in an old nitrite electrode case someone threw in the trash at work the other day, and put it in my pocket. The plunger is only glass, no rubber, so i dunno if it'll hold liquids so well. The tip is a plastic thing, and it says 'tuberculin' or somesuch on the side. 1cc. I'll autoclave it and keep it around with my 14-inch tweezers in my "fucked-up lab tools" drawer for playing with or use later. I keep the drawer filled with every small vial or odd container that something comes in, if I find it interesting or shiny or somesuch. I'll have to get a bigger drawer soon, I think.

And yea I used the 14-inch tweezers just today.
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