January 14th, 2004


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I think I'm going to buy a Bowflex. I decided I'm going to start lifting weights again habitually/ritually/constitutively, and I have almost zero time to go to the university gym. The largest reason not to do this is the price of those things. But I don't think anything they sell at Academy sports is any good, so here I am.

It takes 4 damn weeks to get one made and sent out once they're ordered, and shipping isn't cheap. Buuuut, what the hell. I don't do anything with my free time, I might as well do what I know.

I sent out my grant application today finally. stuff. things. I'm going to cook some jambalaya.
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Ow. 12 gauge taper. 14 gauge hole.


12 gauge hole.

KY gwidged in between my teeth.

OOOWW. 8 gauge taper. 10 gauge hole.


almost an 8 gauge hole.

KY gwidging elsewhere.
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