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January 14th, 2004

I think I'm going to buy a Bowflex. I decided I'm going to start lifting weights again habitually/ritually/constitutively, and I have almost zero time to go to the university gym. The largest reason not to do this is the price of those things. But I don't think anything they sell at Academy sports is any good, so here I am.

It takes 4 damn weeks to get one made and sent out once they're ordered, and shipping isn't cheap. Buuuut, what the hell. I don't do anything with my free time, I might as well do what I know.

I sent out my grant application today finally. stuff. things. I'm going to cook some jambalaya.


Ow. 12 gauge taper. 14 gauge hole.


12 gauge hole.

KY gwidged in between my teeth.

OOOWW. 8 gauge taper. 10 gauge hole.


almost an 8 gauge hole.

KY gwidging elsewhere.