December 12th, 2003


He's gone again, I'm back again

My dog ran away again this morning. I let him out for his morning piss, and he ran. I was late for a seminar so I just left him outside. Last I saw he was running uptown and not responding to my calls. I went to the seminar, which took 15 minutes past tiime because the professors took turns ripping the guest speaker a new asshole front and center for some reason. It would have been amusing, if I weren't itching to get the hell out of there (and sick). Upon leaving, I found out that I didn't even have to go to this one in the first place. That did wonders for my disposition, as did my realization that I forgot my ID card and had to go home for it. Finally I arrived at work only to get sent home 5 minutes later by my boss (after learning that the protein I purified this week will have to be redone).

It is Friday yet, right?

I got in my truck after getting home and ran up and down all the streets around here, and finally just calling the pound and leaving a description and my number.

On the upside, I think my cold/flu is on the decline, as I seem to have regained the ability to perform linear thought, and tie a full windsor. Now I can walk about my house and pick up the 18 dozen kleenexes and cough drop wrappers. I have eaten exactly 3 pieces of pizza and a can of chicken soup since Sunday, so I think I should be hungry at some point soon.
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