December 6th, 2003


Goodbye, JSP

oh man, 665 ended today. Finally, after all this time. It's so sad to see it over. I don't know if anyone else followed along, but I did. I wanted to have a site like that, putting up all manner of junk. Actually, I still might. I'd planned on it, but grad school kind of put the kiebash on that. Maybe i'll find time.
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I got around to going to work around 2:15, and as I pull up to the seawall on my bike, I see about 100 bikes ride right past me, with police escorts, and christmas stuff all over them. They were all honking their horns and waving to me.. I had one of those whiskey tango foxtrot moments. I just nodded and waved about 50 times until I found an opening in the traffic and merged on in. I lost my hat, though (I think I'm cursed to lose all my baseball hats after a few months). I got some jack in the box and pulled into campus, and found myself in the middle of a biker rally! I was not expecting that. Apparently it was for the Shriner's burn hospital. I parked and was going to go to work, but remembered I left my damn ID card at home; so I had to go home and pick it up, then go back. I've been here writing my exam up and doing innoculations all day.

I think today was 'dickins on the strand' - either that, or 200 Victorian-era settlers decided to park their SUV's all over my street.
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