November 15th, 2003


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I'm going to the renfaire this weekend because my teacher friend and several of her students are there right now. I want to ride my bike, but I need to get the oil changed and service done and I don't know if I can do both things in one day. Now I'll have to wait until next Saturday to get it done. Christ it's early on a weekend.
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truck fun and not-fun

I ended up taking my truck up to the ren faire instead of my bike, because it's too close to time to get the 1000 mile overhaul and I didn't want to go 225 miles over. I sat in traffic for about an HOUR in the various podunk towns waiting to get there. And then along the way I got into an accident. Some guy in a malibu or somesuch rear-ended me at around 10 mph. Luckily I had my tailgate down b/c I was carrying my pig-cooker in the bed, and it directed his front end straight down into my trailer hitch. Popped a big-ass hole in his bumper and wrecked his license plate. No marks on my truck except for blue paint on the ball. I kicked open the truck door and jumped out of the truck, and started walking towards him like I was going to kick his teeth down his throat so he immediately started apologizing and admitting it was his fault. So I just kinda looked at him and got back in the truck. And as i was pulling off, some old bag in a caprice tried to pass me, so I pulled alongside her to block her from cutting in front of me. She didn't take the hint and kept speeding up, so I kept matching her and making these "I'm going to fucking kill you, bitch" gestures to her until someone else let her cut in front of them. Needless to say I was a little bit wound up this morning. I found some propoxy pain killers in the truck for my back so I took one and mellowed out for the rest of the trip. Funny thing was, the guy who hit me parked on one side of me at the faire, and the old bag who tried to pass me parked on the other side of me. Good thing I didn't have one of my old SCA swords with me. The faire sucked about as much as I figured it would. I'm not really into the rennaisance thing like I was when I was in the SCA. Just the same old shit, every time. New girls in bottices, more fat chicks in chain mail. I had the good sense to have a few beers while I was there, and not try to buy swords and knives like I usually do.

On the ride home (jesus, the traffic was horrible) my truck started kind of lurching forward every 30 seconds to 1 minute, like one of my spark plugs wasn't firing, or one of my cylinders wasn't working right. I'm not a mechanic so I dunno what it was, but it was annoying as all hell. I'll have to take my truck in to the dealership soon, I guess.

So that's my day. woo-ha.
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