November 5th, 2003


Rice and more rice.

I got an email from a guy I used to be friends with in Elementary school, and also some of high school. He's actually a grad student at Rice in Houston, in Physics. He's married now and I haven't seen him since I was in college. I'll probably go see what he's up to and whatnot. I doubt we're still likely to be chummy after all this time, but it'll be something to do to go see him. I also need to find time to bring this pig-cooker up to my Uncle's, and one of my co-workers said she'll take me to the Indian market and the Hong Kong market to show me where they are. I'd like to try to expand my cooking repertoire, si possible.
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There's a band playing in Houston in a couple of weeks with the name UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A START. That's the coolest thing since handjobs. There's a band who's called the instructions for the Konami code. I should go see that band, but I've already built them up to an unattainable zenith.
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