October 11th, 2003


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I got up at 8:45 with the alarm and turned on the tv to TNT as I do every morning to watch ER; but it was saturday and instead Wildest Police Chases was on. I am usually VERY disoriented when I wake up and I got all freaked out because everyone was screaming and crashing on ER today. I kept trying to convince myself that it was friday and I had a pharmacology seminar to attend at noon so I'd better remember to go, but the ER was fucking with me like an acid trip or something. So I went back to bed and kept waking up out of dreams that were lucid and I guess terrifying, and I decided that the only way I was going to make sense out of the day was to roll over and jerk off like it was going out of style. Twice. I snapped right out of that head-fuck after that and got my act together and got on my bike. I rode up to Houston and farted around all day. I went to a new sushi place and had the absolute WORST sushi I've ever had. I actually gagged on one of the pieces. But they were practically supplicating themselves at my patronage so I was polite.

I got the actual invitation to my friends' wedding today, on Dec. 27th. I think I'm supposed to be standing in the wedding, I don't remember. We'll see. I'll post pics of my fat ass in a tux if and when.

And the Farewell concert for ZZ Top is in Houston next month with tickets from $45 to $65. Anyone want to come? Beards and guitars and everything (probably some girls with nice Legs, too)...
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