August 2nd, 2003


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Mackeson triple stout. XXX. Tomorrow I'm going to go ride a bike. I'm getting close. My uncle's buddy the HD dealer might be calling me to make a deal. I dunno how that works, though. Maybe I'd have to drive to Atlanta to pick it up?
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I'm still vibrating

I had the best time riding today. They were all out of almost every bike there this weekend (it is Sturgis weekend, after all), so I rented a WideGlide again. Man, I love riding that bike. Very few negatives, lots of positives. I'm thinking this is the one I want.

I met up with my cousin and her fiance for dinner after fighting the INSANITY that is Seawall on saturdays. Good visit. Now I'm ready to decompress and nurse my sunburns with lots of fluids (preferably amber and stout-colored).
Sorry, no pix this time. Maybe next weekend.
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    Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah (I've got you all in check)