June 29th, 2003


training wheels

I went up to Mancuso HD to rent a bike today and discovered that it was their 20th anniversary extravaganza. there must have been 2 or 300 bikes there. Bands, food, Texans cheerleaders, etc. Nice show to say the least. I rented a Wide Glide and with much apprehension took off at around 2:30. I quickly got my ass lost in north Houston, as I never go up there. I rode around all day trying to find my way back to the shop, and finally did at around 6:30. I'd rented the bike until Monday, but I realized shortly after leaving that there was no way I'd be able to bring it back Monday before class, and I wasn't looking to ride it through the beltway or the loop to get it there (though I did anyway, just to get back). I met some friends from my riding class there and bout a couple of new-design HD shirts (one of which, by virtue of the odd design, was picked out for Ka Crow). I am red as a beet from the sun on my skin, but hot damn! I'm gonna have to chug vinegar to get this shit-eating grin off of my face.

Looks pretty funny.

I got my order in from BMEshop finally. 10 scalpels of various sizes, a couple of girly acrylic things, a set of 12 and 10 gauge needles, and a new set of 3 tapers. They included some little stickers (I guess to thank me for paying Shannon's rent for a week), too.

And to top it off, I got about $70 worth of sushi for dinner tonight.
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