June 28th, 2003


my, my, my..

Sweet sassy molassy, I'm bushed. I just stumbled back from the only blues bar in Galveston and it's even seedier than it looked from my passenger-side window. Okay band, but I found myself thinking I could play better than the guitarist. that, of course, is sad since I've hardly touched my baby in 6 years..

I finally got the chance to talk to the the big tawny wrench-jockey (yo!) after I stumbled in. Been too long, I says. I'm always so talky when I get sloshed. He made me remember that I've been looking to get a commission done for like 3 years now. I paid the big fancy 'Artist' that everyone loves for a commission about 2 years ago, but he THRICE has forgotten about it. I'm once bitten, twice shy, mabye...

We'll see, though. I've got virgin hind-leg flesh that burns for the product of a good commission..
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