June 24th, 2003



So I get up and go to work today, and find this stuck under my windshield. That's nice. That's what I was wanting to see to brighten my day. So I'm thinking, I'll sit my truck right the fuck in front of the sidewalk and bring this and this, and have myself a little welcoming wagon for whoever did this.

But just to be safe, I called the cops first. I talked to the officer for half an hour and he made his report, and he was actually really cool for a cop. He told me that it's illegal for him to tell me what TX law allows me to do to protect my property, but then told me three times to go look it up online. You gotta love TX laws. He said that there is a big crack problem on the island and that I could kick the shit out of crackheads if I needed to, but to watch out for angry neighbors with guns. What am I, chopped liver?

So it looks like I'm going hunting tonight.
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