June 21st, 2003



I went and bought shadows of undredtide, and when I got home I realized that someone had CUT THE BOX OPEN AND STOLEN THE CD. Now I have to drive another 40 minutes back to Webster to switch it out (if they even believe me).

I went to this mall of the mainland, which is about one step up from the Bon Marche mall; but they had a really nice t-shirt store there. I bought a NOFX shirt, and I bought a shirt for shockwave77598, too. I've never even met him; but I thought that I would, if I were him, dig this shirt. Of course I don't go up to Webster often so I don't know when I'll give it to him; t-shirts are non-perishable items though, so it's no big emergency.

And then I bought a birthday card for my sister and mailed it. And finally I put on my new Texas plates, and for good measure bought a hatchet.
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