June 18th, 2003


I hit the pipe again.

Mosquito season started yesterday. Boooom. And it's swarming. Everywhere, relentless.

And also it's cockroach season. Last year I made the mistake of taking a flashlight outside and shining it on _anything_. They coat the trees and grass and sidewalks like a big scurrilous paisley. No wait... I meant scurrying; _I'M_ like a big scurrilous paisley.

So last night I took out one of my little earrings and dropped it down the sink. My landlord believes in the torque-wrench theory of plumbing, so I couldn't get the damned trap to come loose. So I had to segregate the sink until I got a magnum vise-grip and a sink-grabby tool. The tool didn't work (high quality steel is not very magnetic), and as I began to turn the pipe fittings, the trap promptly tore like crepe paper. I took it all the way off and removed the ring (and put it into bleach, after seeing the inside of the trap). I had to put it back on to avoid the impending smell, so I guess tomorrow it's back to the Home Depot to replace the pipe..

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I'm ordering a 19'' LCD monitor. This 19'' CRT is taking up my whole computer table. I'll give it to my mother whos POS 19'' is on the fritz. Viewsonic. Wall-mountable, even. Word.

And I got my Texas license plates (christ, you need two in this state). Cost me $160 in cash. I got tx inspection for lunch and forgot to tell the guy not to remove my new LA inspection sticker (oops). To pay by check for the registration (which I'm only getting so I can get a TX drivers license to save my hassle of skipping work to take my motorcycle test in Lake Charles) you need a _TX drivers license_... I should have signed my name Major Major Major Major. Looks like carrying that hundred dollar bill in my wallet finally paid off.
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