June 1st, 2003


Ce weekend.

So I am sitting in my computer room at my house, in Baton Rouge. I came into town around 9:00 friday night. I didn't mention that I was coming here on my LJ because I didn't want anyone to ask me to hang out, not this time. The only reason I came down here was to attend a friend's funeral in Metairie and I didn't want any reason to want to leave early. So, sorry.
I didn't get done until in the afternoon, and I was a friend's ride to a wedding that afternoon, so I just crashed at a hotel near the quarter and stayed to go with some friends to the Supersuckers show at the ShimSham club. I had fun despite the morning; The show was good and we went to a bar until 4 before stumbling to bed around 6:30. I got up at 9:30 and drove back here. We're going to get some lunch in a little, and I guess I'll have to be rambling on. So unless anyone's free for a cup of coffee or something this early afternoon, I'm going to continue my ghost presence here and drift away again.