May 24th, 2003


Further stuff

I finally got offa my lazy ass and cleaned this dump. I did about 5 loads of laundry (and I've still got another 3 or 4 to go), I mopped up the floors (thanks to the bagpiper), and took out some trash. It's almost habitable around here. I'm taking the day off from the lab, since I have two more to spare tomorrow with my mother not coming up and me not going down (...)

So I installed my new Nostromo left-hand FPS controller for my renewed interest in playing Neverwinter Nights (the new expansion pack is coming) and Icewind Dale II, and I got one of those roll-up-able USB keyboards to replace my old one with more dried coke in it than a movie theatre floor. Also I got a little binary clock to put in my computer room since I'm clockless in here. It's very difficult to type with this b/c it's basically one of those keyboard food covers with a couple of wires underneath.

I also am finally getting around to my take-home statistics test. It's amazing the lengths that I'll go to to procrastinate taking it. At least my house is cleaner for the trouble. And my jewelry came in yesterday while I was just thinking about it (for some reason). The spike was a little hard to cram in since I'd been using a little ~18g cotter-pin thing as a retainer; luckily I keep a tube of K-Y (only for that use, bien sur). I also got a fishtaill that I'll worry about later since there will be a critical bending step I don't want to cock up. Incidentally my next piece of jewelry, I'm thinking, will be this here (actually a customized variation of the one on the top). We'll see.

As I keep saying, whenever I find my battery charger I'll post some pics.
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