April 30th, 2003


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I would just like to make a friendly suggestion.

Large graphic quiz results should be hidden behind cut-tags, especially when they're propagating like viruses. Or here's an easy solution:

My results (in delimited text)

Level 9: High
Level 7 and 8: Extreme
Levels 2-6: High or Very High
Level 1: Low

I'm anything but treacherous; I resent the first score. Everything else is pretty much my BoyScout law.

My tragus pic is in the latest set up on www.bmezine.com , just to inject pride in there somewhere.


And again on that pride note, they finally (after around 2 weeks) published my labret experience. It didn't get a fancy little star by it, as I had hoped; it got a couple of nice reviewer comments, though. But all the same it's up. You may read it HERE.

My humor is an acquired taste, much like blood or Trilene or smoked sausage.
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