April 28th, 2003


Bull Durham Aside

I barbecued yesterday. My burgers are approximately 50% w/w vegetable matter and maybe 10% w/w various taste-changing colored powders I keep in my pantry, but I don't eat much without the red red kroovy. I smoked some chicken for about 3 hours until they had that beautiful taught but not charred skin. I didn't have time to smoke any sausage, but maybe today I will. Of course, I forgot to buy any buns. I don't care for American bread anyway, so I'll just eat it with my dirty paws.

And my labret is quite boring. Not boring like a Susan Sarandon movie, but boring like an ibis. Boring its way towards my tongue from my lip. I had to take it out and make another retainer out of fishing line. It's quite annoying to have 14" of Trilene in my mouth, but at least it's softer than my gum tissue. And apparently it's very invisible, too.