April 12th, 2003


I got wet

I drove up to Webster and rented a couple of tanks, then drove back down to Galveston Bay and SCUBAdove a couple times in the boat launch area. Bottom was about 18 feet and silty as all hell, and I kept kicking it all up. But there was a submerged boat or span or something just off one of the piles that wasn't obvious on land... So cool. I only was down 23 mins the first and 15 mins the second dive, but it was so nice. I wish I'd taken my bag with me because I saw a couple of crabs that were as big as my head. Those would've been reaaally nice to eat. I think I'm gonna go back down again and get me some crabs sometime.

I had to drive through the springbreak crap to get home. It took 30-45 minutes to get back down the island. I am _whipped_. I didn't get to use both tanks either. Maybe I'll be able to find time to squeeze another dive in tomorrow..
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