March 9th, 2003


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I'm writing my term paper for pharmacology. It must be 5 pages long, and I struggle to get out 2. A couple more sections must be written, and then comes the bullshit. 3 pages of bullshit to pad a 2 page paper. Christ, why assign a 5 page paper with a 2 page scope? The last exam in that class was worth 40 points, and we were notified; the average was in the 20s. This is not a fun class. The professor is also my advisor, and is also a complete dickhead.

I had this weird erotic dream the other day and woke up in the middle of it, and it persisted as a lucid dream for about 30 minutes after I got up and took a shower. I don't even remember getting up or taking a shower, but I was dressed and going down for breakfast when it ended.
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