December 31st, 2002


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I did little today, seeing as how a tornado came through town. Tore up my grandmother's fence and everywhere I drove there were trees in yards ripped up and all that fun stuff. Right after I get my truck washed, of course. My mother made a nice dinner for us all, and my sister's friends came over to enjoy.

I noticed there's a lot of 'furries against hunting' mumbo-jumbo around. To hell with that noise. I hunt whenever I can find the time, and the best tasting food is the food you find through a 8x scope. Rar. I was hunting before I could spell 'Winchester' and I'd be pretty sad if I let something as ancillary as "Fandom" pressure make me even momentarily reconsider such convictions.

Which reminds me, I'm definitely going back to the range tomorrow if my hangover allows it. Of course, I've got to work on the mailbox post drilling, reinstalling my grandmother's AOL, and getting my truck inspected (it's been without a sticker since 10/01).

I guess I'll be going back to Galveston for good on Friday afternoon or on early saturday. I need at least a day or 2 to get my apt. together for classes.

I'm going to the Port Royal to see my friends. There's supposed to be pinatas up tonight.
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