December 30th, 2002


(no subject)

My garage door opener is screwed up again. I partially fixed it,but It's just not responding.

I've got to get my rent check mailed in tomorrow, if the landlord will give me his address..

I ordered a motorcycle helmet the other day, with skunk fur on it. It's got a little skunk tail hanging offa the back. That's gonna be funny to wear in public.

Does anyone know of where I can take a car CD player to get fixed? I've got a Sony w/a removable faceplate that flips down but it won't flip down all the way. Before I install it I'd like to get it fixed. The Sony service website won't load right for me.


I bought a S&W .357 w/6" blued barrel and rubber grip today and took it to the range to christen it. Payow! 2.5" group at 30 feet, first time shooting in 6 months. Don't break into my house. No, wait- on second thought, please do. I haven't tried the hollowpoints yet.

It took 15 boots to get this computer to POST and load windows correctly. WTF. I just don't get it. Every computer I touch, dies. I didn't even do anything to it; no installs, no deletes, nothing.

Better get working on the mailbox before it gets dark.