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December 22nd, 2002

Unh, unh, dig it, unh

Dig it, I found out I got a B on my Cellbio class. And an A on my lab rotation. My seminar class is 'incomplete', thanks to the administration lying to me, but I can take care of it easily next term.

Just my little happy post.

Booyah, dance with me!
*does the Superbowl shuffle and knocks over your lamp*

um.. oops.. I was.. tail.. LOOK OVER THERE!

Looks lika me no hunta. Oh well, I'll just go see LOTR instead. My damned phone's not letting me get on the internet, so I'm having a conniption.
Two towers was one of the best effected movies ever. Ever. Jesus.
Even the little kids running all over me constantly and being in the 2nd row far left didn't ruin it. Stunning.
And Jones Creek Cafe is one of the worst restaurants in this city. Ever. It's a caricature, honestly.