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December 10th, 2002

Dec. 10th, 2002

I'm almost through reading all the chapters. Early. I'm pleasantly suprised. Now, tomorrow I can review. I've still got to finish my lab and write it up (not necessarily in that order, for some reason; and I've also got to include the 80% of cocked-up experimental data I got from the flawed method) I guess I'll be stuck down here doing schoolwork after school's out. I hope I can get done so I can clean this damned apartment and go to B.R. I've got things to do and people to meet up there. We don't get much vacation every year here, so I'll be damned if'n I'm spending it doing nothing down here.

Da, dovarich

I just set up a live webcam looking at me in the face. I believe it's time to trim this damned goatee down, before someone recruits me for russian parliament.

on deck..

One last day to review my stuff. Then the net falls away and I jump for the trapeze. I hope I catch it.

Dec. 10th, 2002

my streaming page must be part of a union or something, because it keeps not working. damnit. And while I'm not here I think I'll just point the camera at my dog so you can watch him be neurotic. He totally hates reality TV so I think it'll mess with his head.