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December 3rd, 2002

Dec. 3rd, 2002

My XP won't boot all the way. My screen keeps slowly shrinking in RedHat. I've an article to read for Friday, but I can't print it out. I am also completely out of underwear; I had to wear a karate athletic supporter on the drive here, and I got home to late to run the washer so I had to wear a pair of little white briefs yesterday which I keep in the truck in case I have to sleep in it. I haven't been this uncomfortable in a long time.

And yes, it started raining. Maybe if I doused myself in salt and ran outside I could melt and not have to wash underwear.
I got my pre-counts and did 2 of the 6 plates today. I've been inhaling waay too much radioactive glass dust. There were too many people in the lab and everyone's trying to do the same things. I realized I'm gonna need about 24 plates total, and 144 large vials and 216 small vials to do it all. damn. I hope that doesn't cost too much.

You wanna hear something really funny?

No, you probably don't.

Okay, nevermind..