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November 18th, 2002

Did you know me when I was 'Ender'?

I booted up the old laptop to find an old letter I wrote to someone. It only had incoming to '99, but it had outgoing to '97. Apparently I had me a Furrymuck character in 1997. I'd forgotten about that.

How long have I been in this crazy fandom, anyhow?

Done and not yet done..

I registered for AC. May's well have. Maybe this year they'll be able to call my info from their demon-computers. A body shouldn't wait in the sponsor line for more than 10 minutes...

I'm more concerned with making sure that the damned hotel doesn't lose my registration again this year.. but that was a little bit my fault for putting my roommate's name on the room and assuming they wouldn't take mine off (gee, how simple of me). Since this past AC I roomed with 3 people I never met, I had no clue how to find them to get into my room. Maybe I should go ahead and reserve a room now..