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November 17th, 2002

I bought a toaster oven this afternoon at the walmart. I made some kind of box-bake dinner, some mexican-style cornbread, and some cookies. Oh, man. I did the baking dance for about 15 minutes too. I have a toaster-oven! My gas oven has been broken since I've moved in here and finally I've got an oven. The only downside is that the 15 pounds I lost since moving in was probably due to my ovenlessness, so now that it's been rectified I'm probably back on the way to pudgeville (which is south of naveltown, in the beergut belt). I'll deal with it. It's worth it - I'm tired of nuking or sauteeing everything.

I'm finally on the last level in my Raccoonus game. I took a brake after I found the intro to the level is a damned minigame. Aarh.. stop with the minigames already. I swear, I wouldn't be suprised if a damned Chocobo jumped out of the tree..