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November 14th, 2002

So I had to go to a radiation 'class' yesterday. What lame crap is that. Best news -- woman there tells me I have to go to the beginner's version (the one I went to was just a 'refresher') and it's 16 hours long. 16 hours to learn crap I learned in high school? no thank you.

I also learned that my radioactive material isn't coming in until _next_ tuesday, because they had to test it first. Those assholes lied to me when they said it was ready to ship. That leaves me with less than 3 weeks to complete 12+ experiments. Oh, joy.
I got bored and set up SETI@home. It beats my old screensaver, which was just random French and German phrases translating themselves. Hope it doesn't suck too much power, my bill's high enough already..