November 1st, 2002


Metal Gear 2..

I got out of class at 11:15. There was a presentation on "Sonic Hedgehog" phenotypes (yes, there is such a human phenotype, and no you certainly don't want it) and a rare brain disorder that causes cyclopia (guess) and the nose to turn into a proboscis. Just in time for lunch, too.

I went straight to meet with the HBC&G prof and talked with the post-doc in his lab. I reckon I'll go ahead and do my rotation there. I've one or two more to plan (I think..) but one's settled. It's a small lab, though. Oh well.

I went to the lab, but since my shipment hasn't come I just did some calculation work and got some sonic and came home to play PS2. I really suck at this. Maybe I'll get better when I start drinking..
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