October 31st, 2002



I finally broke down and bought a video game system today. A PS2. I rented a few games and a DVD to play on it too. Hope it doesn't ruin my life. Boy, do I suck at video games..

I had my own little conference with the director of the Preventative Medicine/Community Health program b/c I missed the orientation. It turned out about like I thought. Don't want a degree in that. They do have a toxicology program, but that's _environmental_ tox, and I'm not really so into that.

Meeting with a Human Biological Chem & Genetics prof tomorrow to probably do another rotation in his lab. Glutathione S-Transferase. It's something. His stupid secretary needs to stop takint 3 hour lunch breaks and leaving at 4. It's really hard to get in touch with him that way.

No trick-or-treaters today. Good, b/c I don't have any candy for them. I don't even get candy for me!

Arranged paycheck direct deposit, and got my life/accident/dental/vision/prescrip plans squared away. Stupid receptionist put it in a pile 2 months ago when I turned the pages in, and it's past due date (the director gave me attitude when I tried to explain politely that yes, contrary to the 12 times she insisted, I _had_ in fact turned the blue sheet in.) But I proved her wrong and I'll be getting Blue Cross now (just in time to be too late for my next doctors appt, gee thanks).

I heard on the news about a sniper shooting in BR? I'll have to check online for it..

Damn, my headache's back. How many aspirins does it take? I'll be hemophilic at this rate..
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