October 30th, 2002


I walk the line.

I came to the realization via my prof that my experiments can't continue until I get some lab grade celite from the company to make my MP solubilize. I hope this means my experiments will come out better.

I dunno. I just need a few experiments to go correctly, but the proper trends fail me. The imprecision is unexplainable, even for the prof. It's not my technique, I can only hope it's the method. The fine line in publishable research is finer than it seems from the outside.

I bought some books at the store the other day. I should read them. ' Ecce Homo', 'Epictetus', 'The Essential Epicurus', and 'on Heidegger'. And a big uber-sized Doug Adams multi-novel book. Exthellent. Good reading. I'm a softie for the pre-socratics and the existentialists.

Say, I just looked at the AC website, and there Still isn't a new pre-reg page up.. They were quicker than this last year, IIRC..
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