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October 15th, 2002

TLC plates didn't develop.. yay. We had a biotransformation meeting today. My lab's profs presented.

I took the dog for a long walk. I saw a pickup truck parked in front of my neighbor's house with what appeared to be one of those gay furry stickers on his truck. By that, I mean one of those rainbow flags, but in the shape of a pawprint. A few others, too. A Harley sticker on the other side.

I started writing a story in my lab when I was waiting on my plates. I was going to write a story and submit it for last year (this year, technically)'s AC conbook. But, I got several pages into it, but forgot about it, until it was too late. I'll probably leave the thing unfinished, though I thought it was a good story idea. The theme for next year is something about night, or dark, or somesuch; the story I began takes place at night. I guess that counts. Maybe I'll scrap it. It was all visceral and simple. People hate that stuff.
I also decided to get myself a new barrel for my Thompson Contender pistol (one of the best pistols made). The ones I've got are a 15" or so 7x30 Waters with a muzzle break and a scope, sighted at 100 yards, and the other is a .22lr . I want a short muzzle break-fitted large-caliber (like .44mag, .45 longcolt, or a specialty gauge) to replace my little Bryco as my concealed piece. the Contender's a single-shot pistol, but how many shots do you need with a .44 mag anyway?