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September 30th, 2002

Sep. 30th, 2002

I called Lena and Levi earlier, at around 5 because I thought they wouldn't be there then (I wasn't in the mood to talk) and, of course, they were there. I found out that their big news was that they were engaged afterall (of course, I'd heard all this from Scott weeks ago). So Levi took her out real fancy-like, Limo and all, and on bended knee asked her (I'm not sure he got her a ring, but I imagine he did). No date set, but I reckon they mean it. She was thrilled. He didn't sound like he wanted to talk. I was suprised at how much I wanted to talk on the phone, as I usually hate it; I guess I suprised myself at how en seule I am. C'est la vie, si tu peux l'appeler ca.. He told me that he wants to stay in school 7 or 8 years and get his doctorate (in anthropology). That would mean there would be 3 Ph.D's in our little group one day. I don't think I want to replay that scene from 'airplane'.

My sleeping pill's been kicking in and I'm finding it hard to think straight now. My work's done for the test, and I'm not sure what I'm doing in the lab tomorrow. Holy mackerel, i've been babbling too long. goodnight!
I hate bad lecturers. The guy today didn't even have any handouts. He must've said the word "umm" about 500 times, without exaggeration. I did another Lowry assay, and of course it came out too high. Dr. K looked at the protocol and decided it was 20 TIMES too much protien!! oh, no big problem there! Christ, that's about 4 or 5 assays I wasted (about an hour to do each one). Oh well, I guess tomorrow then. Damnit.

I'm going shopping today!! that's big for me, as I've become a self-inflicted agoraphobic. Not really, but I'm just too lazy to leave once I get home from class. So I'm a-going to walmart and getting a bigass cast-iron dutch oven to replace my mom's old cast-iron cajun skillet. I've got to get it seasoned-in so's I can get my cajun cooking on. I cooked jambalaya from scratch yesterday in an aluminum stockpot and it wasn't even brown... that's wrong, somehow. That, and sheets, and thyme, and junk like that. Woohoo! even though I'll have to wait in an hour-long-line it'll be fun.

God, I'm lame. But maybe it's because of my damned 2-year-straight headache. I've been thinking about getting a CT scan for it, but I can't afford it. Maybe when I start going blind and aphasic, insurance'll cover it.