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September 29th, 2002

I finished my take-home test stuff just now. Of course, I've been taking breaks. Word has been giving me fits about footnotes. I don't like take-home tests, because they grade on "presentation", not pure knowledge. I cited the hell out of one of the questions. I also included pictures with my answers. My longest response is less than one page, and we're allowed two. But they said brevity would be appreciated, and I'm the linguistic equivalent of a solar still.. We'll see.

I had to waste a day to do it, but what are my weekends for, anyway.? BTW, I'm now one of the leading authorities on 5-methyltetrahydrofolate targeting to caveolae.

I got an email earlier from my friend Lena that said she has news and to call her to find out what it was. It was a mass email. I found out already that her boyfriend and she have decided to get married. It's either gotta be that, or that she's pregnant. hmm. yikes. Hope she's not. Reasons being 1: she's just got a job as a LOUISIANA PUBLIC SCHOOLTEACHER, and her boyfriend just started college at 25; and 2. It's kinda hard to get them to go out to a bar when there's a wee brat to take care of. But what do I know.

I had a dream last night that I killed someone. I knife-fought them. and stabbed him several times slowly. I enjoyed killing him; in my dream, he was having intercourse with my wife. I killed him and then ran from the police. Disjointed fragments of dream followed, but it ended with me getting caught -- just after I destroyed all the evidence against me. The bastard. I would do it again, too, if the situation returned, except I would've planned it out better. I've never had a problem with murdering somebody, it's just been a question of the justification and risk. In the dream, I killed him with the titanium dive knife I'm planning on ordering. It held up well in the dream, so I'll buy it.