September 23rd, 2002


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I went to the Pathogy Department's Orientation today. I hate shmoozing. It gives me a headache that medicine never helps with. I can't even see straight because of this damned headache. Christ. It's indescribable. I get bad cramps, too; I hate forced nonsense like that. I was almost late for class and I realized that I'd forgotten my ID badge. Luckily I keep a secret spare on me and it's actually coded.

At least my landlord cleaned up the bits of ceiling that'd found their way into my boots and all over the apartment. He's up on the roof right now doing tar-work, I guess. My dog was howling and crying like he does when he's lonely. I've decided that I now have to keep a fucking muzzle on him as well as leash him to a table. Jesus - what's next, a strait jacket?

My head. My eyes. My stomach. My god.
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