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September 20th, 2002

So I get an email from my lawyer telling me that she's sending me a document by email that I have to print out, get a Notary to watch me fill out and sign, and fedex back to her by Monday Morning. Thanks for the advanced notice! It's not like I have things to do today. Best part: she didn't attatch the document. Now I have to leave for class in 15 minutes without the document. Hope that there's a notary open on saturdays and that fedex ships on saturdays.
I left early today so I can get the thing notarized... I better go do that now.

Damnit, I missed the Grant seminar at 3 because I was held up mixing buffers. I couldn't get the liver homogenization started today (and likely won't be able to tomorrow) because I'll need a good 3 hour block straight to get it done. What'll I do on monday then? hmm.
Well I went to the fedex place, and they told me that I had 30 minutes to get my document notarized and back before the last pickup (they don't pickup on the weekends. I have such a hard time believing that they would be so stupid as to refuse business on the weekends). The woman gave me 2 addresses for notaries. One was a HOUSE. The other was a SALVAGE YARD. I did not get my document sent. It will be at least one day late as I will have to drive to HOUSTON to get it notarized. It may very well be costing me $50,000 dollars that this document doesn't get delivered on monday morning. If it turns out that it does cost me $50,000, I will be suing the paralegal who didn't email me the document until 1:30pm today, and I will be firebombing the two residences that posted advertisements in the phone book as Notaries public. I bought two gas cans that hold 2 gallons of gasoline each, and I have an RC sparker that serves no use as a shock collar now. I'll give it a week before I do it..