September 12th, 2002



I had to endure a 3 hour ethics workshop today. Wow, I'm a little suprised at how puerile the administration thinks we are. The entire thing was centered on plagiarism, and it wasn't very elucidating, I'll say. But it was mandated by the NIH, so we had to do it (and another several day version next term, it seems.) Fine. I've got other things to worry about, like devising a project method now that I've spoken with the PhD's in my lab. they want me to project on the hydrolysis reaction of heavy fatty-acid chain esters. Not too big, I reckon. I still have my old biochem lab notes, and I was given a similar paper on the general idea. I've been highlighting germane portions to get some clues as to how to work on it. I'm thinking Thin-Layer Chromatography, and I'm thinking radiolabeling. And other things, too, but you don't really care about all that, do you?

I'm getting my bacterial meningitis vaccination tuesday (and you should too, y'know). Hopefully my new health insurance will cover part of it. After watching a friend of mine go from happy&healthy to purple and DEAD within 8 hours from it, I'll be keeping my vaccinations current.

I'm going to have to find myself a lab coat now, because I don't want to use my father's old one. I want my own (thank god they don't make us wear those thick purple plastic aprons like in undergraduate chem. I'm thinking I'll get it embroidered with my name, and a skunk on the front. Hmm..
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