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September 3rd, 2002

Sep. 3rd, 2002

I am running broke here. I don't get paid until the end of this month and I'm getting ancy..

I've been looking in the paper for dogs. corgis are b/w $350 and $500. I need to get paid before I could worry about that right now.

I found a couple of skydiving places not to far away. Wonder how much it'd cost to go again.

Sep. 3rd, 2002

I drove up the interstate for a looong time in the storm looking for 2 scuba shops this afternoon. I HATE driving in traffic. Both places sucked. I guess I'll order the mask I want online, without trying it on first. It'll most likely still be better than the one I've got now.

I interviewed with 2 professors today. One is doing work on cholesterol P450 analogs, and the other is doing work on Dioxin receptor-related cell death regulation. The first one is a little vague, and the second one gives me the impression I'd not be doing too much in the lab. I dunno.

My interview with the Chair is tomorrow at 9, and then class at 10:30. I hope I make the right decision for lab rotation. I don't want to spend 16 weeks muttering "dammit" to lab rats while cutting their livers out or something...which, btw, is what the second prof's lab does.

Sep. 3rd, 2002

1 Apadravya. 1 Prince Albert. uncounted handful of Hafadas. 1 Web between fingers. 1 Nose ridge. 1 Labret. 2 Ear. 1 Nipple. 1 Tragus. 1 Conch. 1 Frenulum. All but 4 done by me.

If I don't remind myself once in a while, It starts to sound like another person altogether.