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September 2nd, 2002

I picked up my bike today and had a rack installed on the back of it. It's nice. Now I can put stuff on the back and carry it easier - like groceries. Fancy.

I had to stop in one of the ghetto texacos to get cokes. I hate the ghetto. I hate all the panhandling fuckers who make noise and hassle me and and try to make me feel guilty when I turn them down. Fuck them. Get a job! Get a fucking job you blights on society. Everytime I see a "now hiring" sign at a mcdonalds, I am reminded of how there is one piece of shit bum sitting at a texaco too lazy to take a bath and walk 4 blocks to work to be somebody. I don't support indigents, because there is no reasonable excuse for them. I hate the ghetto and anyone who isn't willing to put effort into his own existence.