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August 30th, 2002

I did it.. I did it.

I kept falling asleep in Cell Biology today; I was like a narcoleptic, on and off and on again. I woke up just in time to get the hell to class. I didn't have a problem in Biochem, but I sure did in Cell Bio. The lecturer is just sooo damned boring. It'll be better when the next lecturer starts up.


I did it. I fricking did it. I tested out of Biochemistry. I was the only graduate student in my entire class who tested out of the class. I feel a bit bad for the other two who took the test and didn't get out, but not that bad. I went to talk with my advisor about what I should replace the class with. I'm going to be interviewing with about 6 or 7 Toxicology/Pharmacology professors (including the _chairman_) to hear what they're research focuses are so I can choose one to do a 16-week rotation with one of them. I'm not supposed to start my lab rotations until next term, but I'm ahead of the game.

I should be practically crapping my pants over this, but I have yet to express the emotion significantly. I do this often now, when something very good happens (which really isn't often). I'll call home about it, though.

I got a haircut today at the hospital barber. I love barbershops. Better quality cut, better quality cutter, they use a straight razor to finish up the job professionally, there's a TV on, and there's people having barbershop conversation. It was $10, but who cares -- I tipped $3 and I'll be back.

I need to drop the bike off today. And my RAM still has not come in yet!! I wrote angry letters to both Crucial.com and Fedex. Lot of good it'll do me, though.

okay, well it's friday. yah.

I decline I decline

I found my RAM had been delivered.. to my neighbor 2 houses down. I wrote Fedex another angry letter and decided I had sated my manhood for now. I called my mother and told her the news and she was pleased. I dropped my bike off and it should be done tomorrow. Jesus, I am bored.

I should go do something, but it's really too late at this point. Maybe tomorrow night I'll go to the blues bar here and get sloppy. I can walk home from that bar. I can stumble home.

Yup. Yup. *sigh*

Sobered. So bered. So bored.