August 28th, 2002


Back into things.

I finally called tech support for SBC and found out that the CD that says it's used for installing to XP is _not supposed to be used for installing to XP_. Fucking packaging!! I wasted 3 days on AOL for that crap! Well, I'm back on broadband. Everything 's falling into place with this OS. I was THIS close to buying a new MAXTOR and starting over with it.

I've got Homework due tomorrow, and I am only now starting on it. YEAH I'm a grad student. I could do it in my sleep, though.

I went to the alumni field house finally and lifted some weights. I was pathetic!!! I couldn't do anything like I used to. To top it all off, I forgot my stinking shoes and had to wear my sketchers with the buckles on them. I looked like some kind of 19th century Dandy. And, of course, someone I knew recognized me. The place was Filled with chicks, too. I don't know if I like that or don't like it. Maybe I'll like it when I can start lifting weights like I've got a pair.. Anyway, this means I'm back on my weightlifter's diet. Steamed boneless skinless chicken breast, boiled rice, random vegetable (if available), 2 ephedra pills/day, 1 scoop Creatine/day, 2 scoops L-Glutamine/day, 4 scoops Total Whey protein powder/day, 1 multivitamin/day, and aspirin/caffeine out the ass/day. ugh. well, I'll be able to look myself in the mirror again. I've long since come to the realization that I like putting myself in uncomfortable situations to show myself that I can take it, and excel. I have, so far, in this realm. I've got a llooott of ground to make up, but I'll get there. Riding my bike every day doesn't hurt, either. Oh, damn. I forgot - I need to get it fixed.

My damn memory didn't show up!!! 2 day Fedex my ass! I ordered it Saturday. It better come tomorrow. AArhcgadk.
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